Subject: Re:Autostarting of SLIP?
To: None <>
From: Ed Jones <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/28/1994 16:01:26
> Is there a way to automatically have SLIP connect to your service provider?
> I'm talking about some way of having the machine dialout to our provider,
> log in, and then slattach -- something runnable from rc on bootup. We currently
> use cu to dial out, shell out, and do the slattach. Is there a way of
> scripting this, or has anyone come up with a frontend for SLIP (like, ugh,
> HPUX's ppl)?
> -Henry (

I have a question along these lines.  I will soon be the proud(?)
owner of a my very own DECstation (Ultrix of course) for use at
home. At school,  I have another DECstation, and two Alphas.
What I would like to do is this: anytime there needs to be a
connection via SLIP between the machines (for telnet, ftp, mail,etc)
the machine wishing to do the connecting would dial the modem,
inititate a SLIP connection, and then perform the desired connection.
Maybe the modems would be kept online until some desired period of
inactivity then they would hang up to free the modems. Has anyone
done this before? I know there are probably several commercial
implentations that do this but, I dont want to spend the money
for it.  Anyway, I would be interested in this GREATLY. Thanks
for listening.

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