Subject: nntp 1.5.11
To: None <>
From: Henry Hwong <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/17/1994 09:17:29
Hi all. It's your resident NetBSD knowledge seeker. :-)

Has anyone been able to compile NNTP 1.5.11 server (with TIN extensions)
for NetBSD 0.9?  I've noticed that the FILE structure used by stdin/stdio
has changed in Net/2 -- there is no ->_cnt in the structure. Therefore,
the server/misc.c file won't compile. This change completely breaks the way
NNTP is looking for free space on the news server. Has anyone patched
this sucker up yet? I've looked at, and cnews is there,
but no nntp.... :(

Henry (