Subject: Re: vexing Tape and Video problems in NetBSD 0.9 (repost)
To: Brian Ellis <>
From: Jim Babb <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/15/1994 14:07:07
> Tape
> ----
> I have a Colorado Memory Systems Jumbo 250 tape drive (the kind that
> attaches to the floppy cable). NetBSD apparently cannot see the device
> with the stock device drivers (wt0 and st0). Am I totally SOL? Has
> anyone seen a device driver that would do the trick? The manufacturer
> couldn't help me.

Support for this device has been added to FreeBSD-current and will be in
the next release (due out March 1).  The driver is 'ft' and requires
both a 'user level' filter and the driver routine, with the hooks in 
the 'fd' floppy driver.  I suspect porting to NetBSD would not be too