Subject: Re: Oh LORD!!!
To: None <>
From: Charles Hannum <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/15/1993 15:55:26
First of all, with your bizarre quoting, I can't tell who said what.
Secondly, forwarding private email is rude.

I presume this is you:
   > > >Reread what I said above... You *CAN'T* compare NetBSD-current.
And this is Theo:
   > > yes i can. you're comparing against freebsd, which isn't released
   > > yet either.
And this is you again:
   > How do you figure that FreeBSD has *NOT* been released yet?

I think what he's referring to is that, while there may be a FreeBSD
1.0-RELEASE, it is in fact still changing significantly before the
final version and the CD-ROM.

And if you're talking about things that have been since the `RELEASE'
was cut (like their attempt to add shared libraries), and perhaps even
if you aren't, then it is perfectly reasonable to compare it with

That we don't make frequent binary releases is a sign that we care
more about content than packaging.  While it's a shame the packaging
isn't spiffier, I don't see it as a serious problem.

I call your problem `whichever system was released last week
syndrome'; there was a FreeBSD release more recently, and of course it
has a couple of cute things that the last NetBSD binary release
didn't.  However, switching systems all the time just to get a whizzy
cutesy toy a few weeks sooner without having to compile it yourself is

Anyway, there are much more fundamental changes that, in the long run,
are much more important than having a mildly broken sound driver a
little earlier; i.e. POSIX compliance, internationalization, massive
simplification and garbage collection of machine-dependent code
(including much better autoconfig and IRQ sharing), shared libraries,
new ports, etc.

   > Again, how can you figure that FreeBSD has *NOT* been release,
   > especially we you acknowledge that NetBSD 0.9 HAS!

How can you suggest that NetBSD-current is not released?  There may
not be binaries of it available for FTP, but you can certainly get it
any time you want.

   > > >Grab a copy of 
   > > >NetBSD-current, get rid of all of the bugs, and release it... That'd be
   > > >just great! ;)
   > > WHAT BUGS?
   > > 
   > > Tell me which bugs we have that they have fixed, please.
   > > If you can't be specific, then it probably means you're wrong,
   > > because I know hundreds we have fixed that they have not. Remember,
   > > I'm on their changes list.
   > If you don't know that NetBSD 0.9 or NetBSD-current *HAS* bugs,
   > [...]

It would be foolish to claim that either system does not have bugs.
However, you assert that the FreeBSD people have fixed a number of
bugs that we have not, yet you have produced no evidence of that.  On
the other hand, I can think of numerous bugs we have fixed that they
have not.