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Re: coldfire port

On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 12:47:01PM -0400, Kurt J. Lidl wrote:
> Should there just be a separate "coldfire"
> processor family, or just stuff it into "m68k/coldfire"?

I think it should probably be a separate processor family.  If
there are parts that you can bring in from m68k, then perhaps find
a way to use them from a common location, but if you need to riddle
the code with ifdefs or do some kind of Macro Magic to share
significant amounts of code, then I think it's a net loss in
readability and maintainability.

I don't think we're seeing any new m68k hardware/processors/etc.,
and I suspect that as coldfire evolves it will accrete its own
ifdefs.  Is there sufficient reason to carry the m68k baggage,

Those are my thoughts, anyway.


Allen Briggs  |  |

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