Subject: Re: pwoer architecture
To: None <>
From: Harri Haataja <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 09/25/2007 19:56:18
On 25/09/2007, AD5DT <> wrote:
> I wasn't sure from the information on the website if netBSD will run on my
> 7012-360 or not. This looks like a really interesting machine and I really
> don't want to scrap it before trying to load a system on it. This is an IBM
> PowerServer 360 with a board that I can only identify as a "power" series
> that looks to have six identical heat sinked devices. Processors???

Sounds a lot like the cpu (POWER1, I believe) board in what I had. I
think it was 7012. Also had a 7006 which was PPC. The latter ran Aix
happily. The former I could never get a console out of but managed to
get something out of the diagnostic leds. Eventually I gave it to
someone with another one.

I believe there's no os but Aix that might run on it, but I'd be happy
if I was wrong.

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