Subject: NetBSD on AVR32
To: NetBSD - Users <>
From: Brian Rose <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 06/25/2007 15:04:10
(Copied to NetBSD-users in the hope that someone may actually read it.)

I just purchased an Atmel Network Gateway (about $70 from Digikey) and I 
see that the penguin is running just fine on it. I would like to port 
NetBSD to this platform. Since there is no port-avr32 list I will post 
my messages here.

I notice that GCC has no information on AVR32. It looks like the Atmel 
tools take a set of patches and apply those to the GCC/binutils tree. 
Does anyone know if there are plans to roll this into the stock GCC? (I 
know that is a question for the GCC list, I was just wondering if anyone 
heard anything so I don't have to subscribe to a million lists to get an 

I guess the basic plan of attack is to get the modified GCC running on a 
NetBSD host. Then I would need to change the various bits of to 
accomodate the AVR32 platform. Then build the kernel and begin debugging 
the various drivers. An oversimplification for sure. But that is the plan.