Subject: Re: Support for Olimex CS-EP930x board
To: Ivan Vasilev <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/31/2006 23:07:43
On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Ivan Vasilev wrote:
> I'm planning to rewrite the factory test software to NetBSD userland program so in the future there could be some example sources for acessing the GPIO, ADC, EEPROM and MMC card.
> The boot log can be found at

Whee! I've put an entry about this into my NetBSD blog:

> I have two questions though. The first one is technical - when the 
> network media selection is left on auto, it fails to come up. When you 
> manually select a media type everything works OK. Is this a known 
> problem and if so is it fixed in more recent versions? (I used the 3.0 
> release which is more than half a year old).

I don't know, but maybe ask that on

> The second question is a legal one. From my reading of the 
> redistribution page ( ), 
> we(Olimex) can distribute the boards with a NetBSD kernel preloaded in 
> flash, as long as the board's documentation includes the relevant 
> licensing information(along with NetBSD's source code and binary 
> installation sets). But that's my reading and I will appreciate it if 
> somebody clarifies this point.

You can redistribute what's under the BSD license in binary only.
Be careful with things under the GPL, which are locate in src/gnu in 
NetBSD's source.

Of course in the long run, we seriously recommend getting your sources 
merged into the NetBSD distribution, so any infrastructure changes and API 
updates can be performed on your code as well, saving you the maintenance 

  - Hubert