Subject: Re: Support for Olimex CS-EP930x board
To: Ivan Vasilev <>
From: Mike O'Brien <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/31/2006 10:40:15
> The second question is a legal one.  From my reading of the
> redistribution page ( ),
> we(Olimex) can distribute the boards with a NetBSD kernel
> preloaded in flash, as long as the board's documentation includes
> the relevant licensing information(along with NetBSD's source
> code and binary installation sets).  But that's my reading and I
> will appreciate it if somebody clarifies this point.

	IANAL and in particular IANYL (I Am Not YOUR Lawyer),
but please let me jump in here.  The people on this list
can give you their interpretations, their intentions, and
what they'd like to be true, but in the end, your company is
the party responsible for following the terms of the license.
Therefore, the only advice that counts before the fact is
what your own corporate counsel says, and the only interpretation
after the fact that counts is what the jury returns as
a verdict.

	In other words, don't rely on this list for anything
definitive in answer to this question.  Consult your corporate
counsel and do only what she says.

Mike O'Brien