Subject: NetBSD/PSP
To: None <>
From: Mike Mallett <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/03/2005 15:18:28
In December 2004 Sony Computer Entertainment released their first 
portable gaming system, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) on the Japanese 
market. It is expected to reach Europe and North America in March 2005.
I picked up a PSP in Thailand and was able to connect it to my PC over 
its USB port. It has the ability to play mp3s and view jpgs off of the 
memory stick. It can also play games from the memory stick, though its 
primary game media is Sony's UMD.
Although I have not yet discovered a memory stick based game for the 
PSP, the first thought to cross my mind was "NetBSD". :)

The PSP has some nifty hardware which I have never seen on a portable 
gaming device before, such as a USB port (type "B" I think it's called - 
the small one :), an IrDA port, and an 802.11b wireless network adapter.
According to a FAQ I read today, the core CPU is a MIPS R4000. The PSP 
also sports 32MB RAM (Same as the PS2).

Some questions I am pondering:
1) Could the USB port potentially power a keyboard, or would this type 
of port be completely one way (intended for connection to a PC or hub)?
2) Would there be any chance of booting NetBSD from the memory stick?
3) Would there be any chance of NetBSD using the wireless adapter and 
running a TCP/IP stack (and maybe apache ;)?
4) Is it worth it or is it a complete waste of time? :)

The Playstation2 and Dreamcast aren't what I would call "ideal" target 
platforms for NetBSD, but at least they both have keyboards and even if 
it's not very practical, at least it's just plain nifty.

If the PSP's CPU is indeed a MIPS R4000 and not a hacked up MIPS like 
the Playstation2's Emotional Engine is, this may be somewhat 
straightforward, but I don't know much about porting an OS to mysterious 
black boxes. :)

Any thoughts / comments / questions would be greatly appreciated.