Subject: RV: Question about AS/400 port / status
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From: sm0ketst <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 01/08/2005 12:26:16
Hi again,

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Thx everybody

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Asunto: Question about AS/400 port / status

Hi folks,

I=92m writing from spain, more precisely Valencia=85 a very sunny place =
to live
very close to the sea=85. Well, after reading the web page I=92m just wandering =
real state of the BSD in AS/400 systems=85, I=92ve an old IBM AS/400 =
9402 E02
(wow=85:o) system with a lot of dust but I think it=92s working quite =
good=85 I
was reading that the performance of the system is very low compared with =
Pentium 100 Mhz=85 but still thinking that it=92s no point to consider =
this in
this question, I was reading the and i realize the =
on the MMU problem about this system and the hardware architecture, but =
done a search in google=85 about AS/400 and BSD/unix/linux to see the
possibility of running in the IBM system=85 but I failed to find more
references about it, could you help me locating info about porting =
Is it possible or is it worthly? Is there a team working for the =
well, this mail is to clarify which direction I should take=85 I know a =
about programming, i=B4m not an expert but I come from the real-time
programming (VxWorks, Aonix ArtK and so=85) if I can help=85. Let me =
know=85 but
by the way I=92m plugging the system to learn more about AS =

Thanks in advance=85

Peace for all

P.S.: Sorry about my level of wroten English=85 and have a happy new =
year 2005