Subject: Re: Xbox port
To: David Maxwell <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/18/2004 15:03:32
David Maxwell writes: 

> The rule of thumb question is: "Can you build a kernel that will boot on
> an XBOX and also on a non-XBOX i386?" 
> If you can, without doing something really ugly, then XBOX is a kernel
> config in arch i386. 
> If you can't, then XBOX should be its own arch.

The kernel works fine in general. But the Xbox needs a couple of hacks. One
of them is in the PCI bus. You need to avoid probbing 0:0:1 and 0:0:2, if
you don't, it crashes. Then the other one is a hack on the eject button for
the DVD drive. It reboots the Xbox if you don't apply it. 

> Either way, you probably don't actually need (or want) #ifdef XBOX
> anywhere.

Then how would you do it? Just create a new arch for it? If I have to
modify /sys/dev/pci/pciconf.c, is there a way to create changes just for
the Xbox and not for everything else? I thought the way to do it was to
create an option in the kernel config. Because just with that I can do all
the modifications that I need for the Xbox using #ifdef. 

Thanks for your comments,