Subject: RE: Port to Sun 386i
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Zach Lowry <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 06/23/2003 22:38:54
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I got my 386i today. It's a -250 model, complete with Hi-res Color FB
and a single memory board, whichever one the -250 came with. I also
got a reportedly somewhat flaky video/keyboard cable and a 20" Color
Sun Monitor. 

The real prize, however, is in the documentation. 

Sun386i man Pages Supplement (December 1988)
Sun386i Owner's Notes
Sun386i Administrator's and Developer's Notes
Field Service Notes
Sun386i Owver's Bulletin SunOS release 4.0.1
Installing Sun386i SunOS 4.0.1
Sun386i Configuration Guide (February 1989)
Replacement Pages for the Sun386i Developer's Guide
Sun386i Developer's Guide (May 1988)
Sun386i SNAP Administration
Sun386i Advanced Administration (June 1988)
Sun386i Advanced Administration (February 1989)
Sun386i Administration Cookbook

Will be reading and having fun with this guy, and hopefully someone
else out there can test on a -150. 


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> On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Zach Lowry wrote:
> > I am soon to recieve a Sun 386i, which I notice has not been
> > ported to yet. Since for the past little bit I've been
> > acquainting myself with my Sun 3/60 and 3/80s, I feel comfortable
> > saying that I intend to port NetBSD to this unique machine.
> >
> 	Excellent news - do you know if its a 150 or 250 (the 250 had
> 	had max 16M rather than 8M and had IIRC an extra cache)
> > I'm looking for advice, however, since I've bever done this sort
> > of thing before. Would it be best to start with the i386 port,
> > remove all devices except those explicitly available in the 386i
> > and then merge drivers for Framebuffers and the like from the
> > sun3 port? From what I understand, the normal color and B&W
> > framebuffers on the 386i correspond to the cg3 and bw2, but
> > additionally there exists a cg5 card and a VGA card for DOS
> > emulation under SunOS.
> 	That would make sense - probably start with either using
> 	the PROM console or serial console to minimise the amount
> 	of driver writing to getting something booting.
> > I'm also aware that there existed memory add-ons in the form of
> > ISA cards, could anyone clarify on these boards, and would it be
> > possible to support them?
> 	I don't remember any ISA memory boards, but it _should_ be
> 	possible to support standard ISA boards, possible DMA
> 	considerations notwithstanding :)
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