Subject: Re: Port to Sun 386i
To: Zach Lowry <>
From: Miod Vallat <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 06/03/2003 06:48:15
> > 	Excellent news - do you know if its a 150 or 250 (the 250 had
> > 	had max 16M rather than 8M and had IIRC an extra cache)

This is wrong, BTW; the 150 will happily run with more than 8MB. I don't
know why docs keep saying it can't.

> That's what I plan on. In fact, I wonder how far just booting the
> i386 Kernel will get...

Nowhere, simply because it will not be recognized as a valid executable.
SunOS on the 396i uses COFF. To load something else you'll have to start
by writing a new bootloader.