Subject: Re: Port to Sun 386i
To: None <,,>
From: Volker Borchert <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 06/02/2003 22:59:12
In message <> you write:

|> 	Excellent news - do you know if its a 150 or 250 (the 250 had
|> 	had max 16M rather than 8M and had IIRC an extra cache)

Both machine have their main memory on separate boards, of which
there are two kinds according to part 3 pf the sun-hardware FAQ:
- 555-1423 "dynamic memory board" containing up to 8x1MBx9
  501-1428=0M 501-1325=4M 501-1298=8M
- 555-1054 "XP cache memory board" containing up to 16x1MBx9, 32KB cache, and an i82835
  501-1394=4M 501-1441=8M
The sun386i FAQ states in section 3.01 that there was a /150X that
was identical to the /150 except that it had the XP cache, and that
the /250 is different from the /150X only in that the CPU/FPU clock
is 25(20)MHz and the internal bus bandwidth is 50(40) MB/sec.