Subject: psion series 5mx PDA port
To: , <>
From: <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 04/05/2003 10:02:30
Hi all,

A couple months ago I mentioned my interest in beginning
a port to the psion series 5mx.  I've now started the port.
I am using the other arm ports & the existing psion linux
( port as a guide.  It's a bit slow since I have 
not worked on a BSD kernel before.  But it's fun. :-)

I have created a sourceforge project until the work is 
stable, but there's not much there yet (except the linux
stuff, and a wiki home page):

Note, there's no releases yet, so if anyone wants to actually
*run* netbsd on this PDA, they'll have to wait a few months
until my stuff is together.  Until then, the linux port
is beta-stable.