Subject: Re: Getting off the ground : m88k -> dg88k, mvme88k, luna88k
To: Christopher Tribo <>
From: Ken Seefried <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/29/2003 11:07:17
Christopher Tribo writes: 

> 	I did some scanning through the mailing lists and I've seen a few 
> messages here and there about very very preliminary work for 88k. Has 88k 
> support in the latest binutils come to a useable point? Is getting an 88k 
> target into our current toolchain unlikely? 

The GNU folks are looking to discontinue support for the m88k toolchain in 
gcc 3.4 (see, and I 
think they are purging it out of the 3.3 source tree.  It's no longer listed 
as a supported platform at 

Probably be tough to maintain a port if the toolchains are drifting...