Subject: Installing Apache-PHP-Mysql & other related apache modules
To: <>
From: dkwok <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/21/2003 09:28:57
Hi All,

I am running NetBSD-1.5.3 for setting some web services.

I have install Apache-1.3.27 with mdo ssl. I also have install PHP4.2.3 
and Mysql 3.23.49. Plus other Web related application, like gd, curl, 
regex etc.

The ap and php seems to work however it does not connect to mysql server.

Is there any sequence (dependence) to follow in installing these web 
services? Has anyone done a how to for this? I have check out phpinfo() 
and found that --without-mysql has been used for compilation. Howeve I 
have repeatedly install php-mysql-4.2.3 with no avail.

Any suggestion is welcome.

David Kwok