Subject: Re: Bay routers
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Ken Seefried <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/04/2003 18:41:49
Curt Sampson writes: 

> On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Michael Kukat wrote: 
>> It had no ethernet....
> It seems to me unlikely that Welfleet or Bay manufactured a lot of stuff with
> no Ethernet. :-) 

You young kids today...back in my day we had Token Ring...4Mb rings, 'cause 
we were too poor for 16Mb rings...none of this fancy-smancy ethernet...and 
we *liked* it... 

I assure you, there was tons of Wellfleet gear that went out the door 
without a whiff of ethernet.  I installed no small amount myself.  Indeed, 
Wellfleet made routers at a time when it wasn't clear that Ethernet was 
going to take over the world as it did, and many shops, especially big ones, 
had opted for TR & FDDI. 

By the time Bay came into being, things were different, though...