Subject: Whats about Cyrix ?
To: None <>
From: Ralf Riedel <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/03/2002 19:54:32
Hello Folks,

does NetBSD works on a Cyrix MediaGX 233MHz with the companion Chip
CX5530 (National Semiconductors). 

Linux itself had some problems in the past (solved since 2.2.x Kernel)
supporting this chipsets correctly (PCI-ISA and UDMA HD support).
There is a Cx5530.o needs to be used as well ;-).
The Cx5530 is also emulating a SB16 with output via an AD1819A (AC97).

ThanX for your kind support.

Ralf Riedel
technical product manager
Met@box AG 
Daimlerring 37
31135 Hildesheim