Subject: Porting to Sun 386i (road runner)
To: None <>
From: Justin Swartz <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/28/2002 22:39:19
To whom it may concern

I am currently interested in porting NetBSD to the platform mentioned in the subject.  Previously, I had made contact with someone who had had a Sun 386i
which was up for donation to a developer.  I was then informed, that the system was no longer owned by the respective person.  I was given an email address of someone else in The Netherlands, but I have unfortunately lost that email address.

May I request further information on the porting of NetBSD to the Sun 386i (roadrunner), particulary involving anyone who is willing to lend or donate a 386i to a developer. As I have experience with this platform, I have no problem in contributing on a regular basis to the NetBSD/sun386i project once it becomes alive.

Yours faithfully
Justin Swartz

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