Subject: Re: i960
To: Duncan Gray <>
From: Mark Treacy <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/23/2002 03:52:06
>Hi there,
>         I was wondering if anyone was working ont he i960 port at
>the moment, especially anyone in Australia?
>I have several Labtam CT-320 X-terminals and would be keen to run
>netbsd on them.
>         Duncan

A very late reply to your query, but anyway...

The 300's were based on the 960CA - no mmu.  CT100's and CT200's
were based on the 960K series.  KB as I recall.  The K series
wasn't supposed to have a MMU, but did anyway.  The military
grade 960 (MC or MM, something like that) was the only 960 that
was supposed to have an MMU.  The first generation 960's all
had the same core.

Anyway, the xterminals based on the K series definitely had
working MMU's.  The MMU was enabled during development (much
easier to debug), but was disabled in the production releases
of the software (performance reasons).

The 960 had some really awesome features that made it ideal
for running unix, but sadly that never happened - presumably for
marketing reasons (the 960 was apparently ready and working
before the 386 core).

btw, if you have one the few ISDN daughter cards for a
CT300, it has an 960SB (or SA?) running on it.  The
S series was the 16bit bus version of the 960.  The production
version of code running on the ISDN card still has
MMU enabled - performance wasn't really a problem for a 960
dedicated to handling a max of 128kb.

  - Mark