Subject: NetBSD on MCA-based RS/6000?
To: None <>
From: Chris Pockele <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 09/05/2001 17:07:01

I read the following on the website:

IBM RS/6000 (MCA based)
       The pre-PowerPC RS/6000 machines were based on the POWER and
POWER2 architecture, with
       Microchannel (MCA) bus. There is i386 MCA bus code in NetBSD tree
now, which would help with the
       MCA aspect. 

Little question, is anyone working on this?
I have such a machine and it'd be nice to be able to run something
other than IBM AIX too (especially now because they won't support it
anymore in next releases of AIX), and I would like (Net)BSD most :-).
I'm no operating system/kernel developer, but as soon as something
bootable/runnable is available i could test things.

Just wondering, that's all ...


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