Subject: NetBSD port for RS/6000?
To: None <>
From: Richard Singles <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 05/08/2001 21:08:26

I recently came across an IBM RS/6000 machine (Type 7012) very inexpensively
that I thought I might put to work with some flavor of open-sourced Unix.
So far, aside from basic peripheral specs, I have been able to dig up *very
little* info on the system.  Not even the exact processor type used.

Perhaps this is why I'm having trouble finding a port of any Unix-like OS
besides IBM's AIX (of which I know nothing).  Anyway, if you have any info
relating to installing NetBSD or some other open-source OS on an RS/6000,
please point me in that direction.......

My thanks in advance!

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