Subject: NetBSD on Catalyst 2900
To: None <>
From: Chris Fletcher <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/13/2001 19:09:16
Hello there,

Although, I'm not up to the job my self, it could be cool to see NetBSD on
various Cisco equipment including the C2900XL series switch which run on a
PowerPC 603. Other candidates could be systems like the 4000 series which
run on MIPS processors. The processors are already ported to with many
other platfroms using these processors already supported by NetBSD, and
since it is easy to get images on and off a Cisco I beleive it would be
a reasonably simple port. (Assuming there are no problems with the inbuilt
ASICs - esp. on the switches).

Just thought I'd comment on that! ;-)

Keep up the good work on NetBSD, it just gets better and better everytime
I go to the NetBSD site.


Chris Fletcher
RTFM Computing
Victoria Australia.