Subject: RE: NetBSD suggested port
To: 'Ian Wells' <>
From: Julian Richardson <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/19/2001 09:55:00
	>The '200 is a support chip.  I reckon it'll have both if it's
running Unix -
	> making Unix work without an MMU is hard work and completely

yep, stupidity on my part :)

I managed to fetch the machine over the weekend - it's got the 88100 in it
and two '200 chips. Four big chips to drive the graphics too, but they
weren't part numbers that I recognised.

I'll see if I can salvage the disk and restore that; if the SCSI controller
works by addressing a disk as a linear sequence of blocks, I may be able to
copy the failing drive's contents raw to a different disk and then work with
that - but if the head / track etc. translation is done by the controller
then I'm out of luck without any OS tape to rebuild the system onto another
disk...  :-(