Subject: RE: NetBSD suggested port
To: 'Julian Richardson' <>
From: Ian Wells <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/16/2001 10:57:54
> I'm pretty sure it's an 88100 though, not a '200. Ran UTekV 3.x, Tek's
> homebrew Unix (supposedly pretty buggy from what I've heard)

The '200 is a support chip.  I reckon it'll have both if it's running Unix -
making Unix work without an MMU is hard work and completely insecure.

> Don't know on the virtual memory front I'm afraid. I could 
> never work out
> who Tek were targetting with these machines - they were pretty serious
> beasts by the look of it for the time (SCSI disk, 16MB 
> memory, ethernet,
> tape drive etc) yet were packaged physically as glorified X 
> terms with about
> half the circuitry inside devoted to the graphics system. 
> Very nice as a
> workstation on your desk, but surely far too expensive too!

Data General AV300's (if that's the right number) were similar.  When I
started work (1993), someone in the office had one - it was lovely, complete
with 21" B&W 1-bit display, and ran X like lightning compared to anything
else we had at the time.  (The rest of us got to work on dedicated X
terminals, back then - not rapid, but 1024x1024 square monitors...)  But it
was much like what you're describing - 16/300MB, all the workstationy bits -
and I think it was intended as a workstation with a good display.