Subject: RE: NetBSD suggested port
To: '' <>
From: Julian Richardson <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/16/2001 10:23:26
	> > Pop the case on your XD88.  You will probably find that you have
	> > an mc88100, but not an mc88200.  NetBSD currently requires
	> > memory management support, which is on the mc88200...  :-(
	> Are you sure?  I'm not sure exactly which models I used, but I
	> remember running Unix (UTek) on Tektronix workstations when I was
at Oregon
	> State U (we had a pile of them in the Outreach Services office,
and they ran
	> a really ancient version of the X Window System).
	> I'm pretty sure that UTek had virtual memory :-)  (tho, I don't
	> if it was a BSD system or not).

I'm pretty sure it's an 88100 though, not a '200. Ran UTekV 3.x, Tek's
homebrew Unix (supposedly pretty buggy from what I've heard)

Don't know on the virtual memory front I'm afraid. I could never work out
who Tek were targetting with these machines - they were pretty serious
beasts by the look of it for the time (SCSI disk, 16MB memory, ethernet,
tape drive etc) yet were packaged physically as glorified X terms with about
half the circuitry inside devoted to the graphics system. Very nice as a
workstation on your desk, but surely far too expensive too!

The burnng question though is whether anyone knows someone who's got one
still? I'd love to get mine running again, but without the OS tapes (or some
OS port) I don't think I have much luck - chances of rebuilding the failing
disk enough to do something with it in terms of migrating to another drive
are slim I reckon.... I haven't found a single one of these machines in
existence anywhere in the last couple of years but figured there might be
some owners hanging around here...