Subject: NetBSD suggested port
To: '' <>
From: Julian Richardson <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/14/2001 16:10:23

Possibly one for the suggested ports section of your website...

I've got an old Tektronix XD88 workstation gathering dust which would
probably make a fine NetBSD system. Disks are SCSI, graphics (on mine, an
XD88/10) were 8-bit with I believe 4MB video memory, the machine has 10Mbps
ethernet. All the usual stuff (and a hardcopy interface, but getting any
documentation for that might be interesting)

I'm only mentioning this as there seem to be a few Motorola 88k-based
machines (as the XD88 was) under the suggested ports section of your website
- once one of those was up and running it might not to too hard to port
NetBSD to this thing; I believe gcc will run on it anyway under Tek's own
UTek OS. 

My machine's dead at the moment (disk failure, and no OS tapes for it) but I
hope to be able to get it running soon. I'm a Java guy, not C/C++, but
should be able to offer help if someone else has one of these machines and
is capable of attempting to do a port (sadly it seems like Tek didn't make
many; when mine was working it was pretty fact for such an old system)