Subject: AW: New port
To: 'Frank van der Linden' <>
From: KukatMichael <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 09/13/2000 11:22:30

> This seems like a another good step in the direction of 
> making NetBSD run
> on every piece of hardware, just because it's there ;-)

Exactly this was my idea...

> On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 10:33:39AM +0200, KukatMichael wrote:
> > communications controller) with SCSI, 2 serial ports, and LANCE
> > ethernet, this controller has its own 68000 and needs an 
> own kernel for
> > it. (This could be stolen from the original MUNIX distribution first
> > :-).
> A Lance onto which you need to download 68k code to make it go?
> That sounds weird..

Yes, it's a kind of all-in-one-controller, and there is a kind of
interface talking to all those devices. The kernel for this controller
is just about 64kb, the card itself seems to have 256 KB of RAM.

(Look at the pictures:

> > So, how can i find some more guys being interested in ports on this
> > machine, how could this port (experimental for now) included on the
> > netbsd site to be "started trying" or so?
> I'm sure the www guys will take care of mentioning it.

Maybe it's the way to find other guys willing to work on it. One has to
make the start, this would be me :-)

> Given previous names, I would suggest either "cadmusmips" or 
> "pcsmips".
> The 68k version would then be "cadmus68k" or "pcs68k". This keeps
> things in tune with, for example, "news68k" and "newsmips".

pcsmips sounds good to me, it's not that long, and pcs is a bit unique
enough to get a good name out of it.

Hope to get some first results the next days/weeks. Yesterday i started
creating boot tapes from the existing MUNIX, netboot seems very weird on
those machines, as NFS came very late to MUNIX, so the boot ROMs don't
know about normal TCP/IP protocols. But install methods could be tape
and disk image.

Hmm... i think we should just add this port somewhere, because i just
want to hack those nice pieces of hardware.

so long... Michael