Subject: New port
To: '' <>
From: KukatMichael <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 09/13/2000 10:33:39

as i look into the current ports list in NetBSD, and as i'm contributing
a bit in the NetBSD/vax area, i might have some new platform worth being
ported. These machines might be a bit rare in the world, because they
are made in germany, and mainly sold there. The machines i'm talking
about are called "PCS Cadmus", and exist in 3 series based on m68k, mips
and i860. Due to i have the /RC series based on the R3000, i think i
want to try to get NetBSD running on these machines. The header files of
the installed MUNIX system seem to say quite much about the hardware,
the machines use the well-known QBus (yes, non-DEC-hardware with QBus,
that's why i like them :-), usually have an ICC (intelligent
communications controller) with SCSI, 2 serial ports, and LANCE
ethernet, this controller has its own 68000 and needs an own kernel for
it. (This could be stolen from the original MUNIX distribution first

So, how can i find some more guys being interested in ports on this
machine, how could this port (experimental for now) included on the
netbsd site to be "started trying" or so?

If you just want to put me in there, please use the address
"", not the "", because this is
my address in the company i work for. The port name for the MIPS-based
series could be "cadmusrc", based on the name /RC of the series. Machine
names i know are 9600/RC and 9900/RC, i have both of them, and i don't
know of other machines in the /RC series besides them. On the other
hand, we could name it just "cadmus" or "pcs" and divide it into 3
subtrees. I can't say if the hardware besides the CPU is the same, so 3
basic trees might be better. (If someone wants to contribute m68k and
/FX (i860) series).

Thanks for information...