Subject: Re: Thoughts on a port to a virtual machine?
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Frank W. Miller <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/19/2000 07:18:58
> This has more use, IMO, than NetBSD/nokia or some such...  I like it for
> the reason that the original poster mentioned.  If I had this system on
> a CD (including the Dis or JVM for Mac or Windows), I could boot a
> system very much like my home environment (presumably with a RAM disk
> for temp files, etc.) on just about any system that I would run across
> while travelling/visiting parents, friends, offices, etc. w/o even
> rebooting their system.  I could accomplish something similar (but it
> would require a reboot) if I had a bootable CD that booted to a usable/
> portable system on both PMacs and Wintel boxes.  I would expect, though,
> that with a Dis or JVM port, you'd have a more consistent platform.

Well, barring the the obvious problem that neither of these VMs have any
concept akin to VM (virtual memory) and that I can't think for a second
why in Gods name you would want to run VFS and the stack on top a virtual
machine that then is running on another OS that also has (probably) a
file system and a stack, I just plain don't see the point of this. So,
what, you want to run emacs with your setenv the same and gcc on your
program directory in your /usr/home/allen or something?  Get a laptop
and take it to your parents.

> Sick/insane would be to run NetBSD on a JVM running under a MacOS
> emulator in WINE running under NetBSD/i386 running in a PC emulator
> under MacOS--or something even more convoluted than that...

No, that would be Satanic, what you are proposing is already to the
level of sick.  Think people, think.  Whats even more amazing is that
there's some poor bastard out there listening to this discussion going
"hmm, now I've just got to do it!"

BTW, inflammatory language used for entertainment value!  ;)


Frank W. Miller
Cornfed Systems Inc