Subject: Re: Thoughts on a port to a virtual machine?
To: Frank W. Miller <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/18/2000 23:45:44
> Jesus, are you people insane?  As if we dont have enough layers as it
> is, now you're talking about folding them back on each other?  BSD on
> JVM or Dis?  God, whats the point of that?  I hope this is just an idle
> muse and you come to your senses in a couple of microseconds...

This has more use, IMO, than NetBSD/nokia or some such...  I like it for
the reason that the original poster mentioned.  If I had this system on
a CD (including the Dis or JVM for Mac or Windows), I could boot a
system very much like my home environment (presumably with a RAM disk
for temp files, etc.) on just about any system that I would run across
while travelling/visiting parents, friends, offices, etc. w/o even
rebooting their system.  I could accomplish something similar (but it
would require a reboot) if I had a bootable CD that booted to a usable/
portable system on both PMacs and Wintel boxes.  I would expect, though,
that with a Dis or JVM port, you'd have a more consistent platform.

Sick/insane would be to run NetBSD on a JVM running under a MacOS
emulator in WINE running under NetBSD/i386 running in a PC emulator
under MacOS--or something even more convoluted than that...