Subject: Re: Thoughts on a port to a virtual machine?
To: John Rudd <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/18/2000 22:01:27
> (note: while I'm a long time BSD user, I'm not that familiar with the
> netbsd community ... if this list is a discussion list [...]

It is.

> I've been thinking lately about a portable environment (not portable
> like laptop, like "when I sit down at work, I have the same environment
> I had when I sat down at home", only without having to use things that
> slow it down, like telnet/ssh/etc and tunneling X displays, etc).  Just
> an initial scp to transfer state, and then start running.

I've given a little bit of thought to this, but not much beyond,
"Wouldn't it be useful if..."

> I was wondering if anyone has thought of porting netbsd to run on Dis? 
> The inferno developers have also mentioned the idea of porting inferno
> to the JVM ... which would be equally interesting to me (netbsd on JVM).

This is an interesting thought.  I certainly haven't considered this,
myself, but I do find the idea intriguing.  I don't know anything about
Dis or the JVM, though, and I don't know how feasible this might be.
AFAICT, it would be a challenge...  I wonder if there's a market...  :-)