Subject: Possible spare DG AViiON 8500
To: '' <>
From: Baggett, Doug <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 04/26/2000 09:26:48

I was looking at the ports page and saw that somebody had thought
of possibly porting to the DG AViion M88K systems. I am a government
contractor that supports DG AViion 8500 M88K multiprocessor systems. 

Currently the Military is replacing these in my project with HP systems. I
asked how I could get one of these when they are tossed out since nobody 
else has a use for them (since they only run DG/UX). 

Would anybody involved with the porting effort be interested in one If I
get one? They would of course have to come and get it. They run on 220v 
and are the size of a mini cabinet with wheels.

I can't gaurantee I can get one. But I am confident that it might happen if
somebody is interested.

-Doug Baggett


Douglas Baggett
UNIX Systems Administrator
DG/UX - HP/UX - OpenBSD - Solaris

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