Subject: Re: Kernel Hacker want-a-be.
To: John A. Maier <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 04/17/2000 10:18:10
> Okay, I'm feeling kind of cocky, I'd like to dig into some kernel
> programming.

> I've got good asm skills [] and my C isn't half bad.  [...]

> What would be a good source on breaking ground into this area?  How
> did others get started?

Speaking personally...

...hacking on the kernel is really not that different from hacking on
userland.  The major differences can be summed up as "no safety net":
if you slip up you can take down the whole system instead of just the
userland process in question.  But since you'd presumably be doing it
on a crash-&-burn machine anyway....

Oh, and you also have fewer support tools (debuggers, etc).  Unless
you're meddling with very low-level bits (eg, locore), you won't need
your assembly skills; I've done kernel stuff on the alpha, and I don't
know alpha assembly.  (Admittedly, the kernel stuff I've done for the
alpha has been MI code - but that covers almost all of the kernel.)

					der Mouse

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