Subject: Re: netbsd on cisc processor
To: emmanuel kacou <>
From: Todd Whitesel <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/06/2000 22:52:35
> Hello,
> Our university is fifted in a cisc processor built in Bull DPX/2. I'd like to
> know if it is possible to install netbsd software on it.

Sure you can install it, but it probably won't run   <rimshot>

Seriously, though, I don't recognize that processor at all.
Unless it is a copy of some other machine that we do support,
I don't think we run on it.

If it already runs some sort of unix-like operating system, then you
can probably get a lot of the netbsd user programs to compile and run
on it.

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @