Subject: RE: GameBoy Port
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: John A. Maier <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/28/2000 18:31:00
> > The Z8000 was Zilogs answer to the 286/386 but with Z80
> looking registers
> > and instruction, though they were machine code
> incompatible.  It was
> > limited to 4Megs if memory servers me correctly with
> seperate code and
> > data space so you could go up to 8Megs.  I think it
> actually had a
> > protected mode of operation, so in theory...NetBSD for
> Z8000 sounds
> > interesting...
> IIRC the Z8000 was still pretty useless for a VM OS, but the
> Z8002 was a
> potential choice....

Yes, your right, I was using the term Z8000 in a generic sense.

> > Charles Moore, of Forth fame, had a multi-user Z80 based
> computer in the
> > mid 80's that was rumored to be amazing.  Seems that it could
> > functionally do most everything a PDP-11 could do with only 64K!
> Yup, pretty cool it was!  There were several similar
> competitors too IIRC.

I used to work in R&D at Datastorm Technologies (Procomm Plus) and talked   
with one of our beta tester, on the phone, who got to visit Charles   
Moore's  during college.  He said it was a wild and amazing place.

That man knew how to do everything with nothing.