Subject: Re: HP Apollo Series 700
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/22/2000 10:43:50
>> A guy I know got a HP Apollo Series 700 at auction.  I've not had time to  
>> look at it and he is clueless when it comes to hardware other than   
>> PC/compatible.
>> I see that there are efforts underway for support of the Apollo DNxxxx   
>> Workstations, are the two of any relations?

Nope...  the Apollo DN series workstations are pre-HP Apollo systems (before 
HP bought out Apollo Computer) and are 68K based systems.  While they are 
pretty majorly different, the Apollo DN's are similar in  CPU/speed to the HP 
300/400 series systems.   

The HP 700 series systems are PA-RISC based systems... and entirely different 
beast.  There currently is an effort going on to port to the HP700's, check 
the "port-hp700" mailing list... and OpenBSD is working on a port.  Not sure 
how far either has gotten at this point, but I'm pretty sure they are not 
what anyone would consider a fully functional "port".