Subject: Data General Aviion Computer
To: None <>
From: Pierre Munro <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/08/2000 14:02:17

I just got my hands on a Data General Aviion Computer.  It's a 9500+ and it has
8 motorola's 88K cpu and 512 MB ram, the thing is that there's no disk on it (I
got one but I'm missing one adaptor to plug it in) and obviously, no OS
installed.  I'm thinking about netbsd as OS for this machine.  I saw that you
were tinking about a port on this platform.  Can you please give me more
information since I'm a big BSD fan (currently run freebsd) and I can't wait to
fire this huge washing machine :)

Please reply to as well as this email address.


Pierre Munro
HFC System Technician,
Videotron Ltee