Subject: Re: Would like to port to The ppc chrp compliant board of silicon fruit
To: Akhar <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 01/26/2000 10:49:22
> I would like to port NetBSD to the silicon fruit ppc motherboard
> but do not know where to start. Could you indicate me the steps to
> follow or maybe links that can explain how I can achieve this port?
> I wnat to do this in a purely edicationnal purpose

For this, you might want to start with the ofppc port.  It was
designed for OpenFirmware-based systems (firmware FirmWorks and
machines from FirePower? -- my memory is fuzzy) and it might be
possible to get the silicon fruit boards basically running without
too much difficulty.  The next step would be to support the hardware
more directly.  For this, the macppc port probably has a lot of
the pieces that you need, too, since Apple made a lot of demands
on CHRP.  It might make sense to either develop "ppcchrp" or "chdp"
port since part of the point of CHRP is to have a common hardware
base among vendors.

Where, exactly, you start partly depends on your resources and what
needs to be done to get the port off the ground.  If you have a
running NetBSD system based on the PowerPC, I would use that for
building kernels and netboot the kernels from there.