Subject: Re: KDE question?
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 01/18/2000 13:15:01
>From: (Kent Polk)
>Date: 18 Jan 2000 17:36:27 GMT
>Somewhat related (running KDE :^), I recently discovered that if
>you set the KDE screensaver to 'No screensaver', the screensaver
>password requestor works correctly.  On both of my KDE/NetBSD
>systems, if a KDE screensaver is selected, the screensaver password
>requestor always fails.

"chmod u+s /usr/X11R6/bin/*.kss" will fix this problem.

Of course, if the screensavers have bugs then setting the setuid bit
will open you up to potential security vulnerabilities.  This is
probably why it's not done by default.