Subject: Re: HPPA Port Interest...
To: None <>
From: Michael Shalayeff <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 12/16/1999 09:20:46
well, there is some port of openbsd, which does something, but
it needs some more work, and some people are trying to
contribute into it sometimes, but heh, wanna do something about it?
you know where to get the sources, available docs, and how to setup
building and booting environment.
i would be happy to answer technical questions.

Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Feico Dillema:
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> Hello,
> At the computer science department of the University of Troms_, Norway
> we have a few dozen HPPA machines that will be phased out in the next
> few weeks. Reason is they run HPUX 9 which is not Y2K compliant and
> this will not be fixed. They won't be upgraded to HPUX 10 either, but
> instead will be phased out. If we have no free OS available for these
> machines to run, they will be send to our computer graveyard. I'm 
> interested in keeping these machines alive in order to use them as
> `basement-servers' in our home networks for example.
> Unfortunately, we cannot (are not allowed as a government funded
> institute) give away hardware even not if we label it as junk
> or obsolete (thus we have a big computer graveyard). It's even
> difficult to lend hardware out to people that are not affiliated
> with our university in any way (although we could try that if 
> asked for).
> What we can do is make (some of) these machines available to
> interested students here that may want to spend time on getting
> NetBSD/OpenBSD to work on them. Possibly we could setup another
> machine to act as netboot server for them. We can also give
> just anybody remote access to these machines if that would be
> useful for further *BSD development. We're willing to spend
> some time and energy in setting up the hardware for this, and
> try to collect a group of interested students. However, setting
> up a complete porting project is most likely beyond our 
> capabilities and available time. But I think we may be able
> to contribute with hardware and student/man-power to an existing
> project or be part of a new one. I don't know yet how much
> interested students we could attract to such an effort (or how
> good they are), but if there's outside *BSD interest for such 
> a thing we'll make an effort in getting the people and the hardware
> together here. I'd also like to get a bit of an idea what the
> status is of existing porting projects if any_ so that I can
> judge the level of (technical and organizational) expertise
> required to start contributing.
> So, if you're interested or have comments/questions...
> please let me know (and CC me personally as I'm not on the
> netbsd-ports list).
> Feico Dillema.

    paranoic mickey       (my employers have changed but, the name has remained)