Subject: Re: netbsd
To: Ben Mayer <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 11/16/1999 11:39:49
"Ben Mayer" writes:
- Hi just wondering if anyone has started to work on porting to the HP
- 9000. I have one laying around and I figure I may as well try to help
- out where I can. I don't know right now if I will have time in the near
- future to work on the port myself or what.

	This has been on my todo list for several years now..
:-(  I've even built up a small assortment of HP9000/700 series
workstations to do the development on.

	The only thing I've been lacking of late is the time..  

	OpenBSD is partway along on a port, and mkLinux/hppa has
been running for a while. I've got an mkLinux/hppa system
running, hoping to steal the VM (and other) bits from mach.

Eric Schnoebelen
	"...Microsoft is to software what Miller (and the other big
	American brewers) are to beer." -- Mark Bartelt in comp.sys.dec