Subject: Re: Working on Apollo DN port...
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/09/1999 17:49:31
	You might want to try asking on - I think
	you'll find a few apollo owners there and some of them may even
	have some useful docs :)


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On Tue, 9 Feb 1999 wrote:

> I've started working on a port of NetBSD to the Apollo DN series
> workstations...
> only the later models (DN2500, 3000 series, 4000 series, and 5500).  I believe
> I have enough info to get a working kernel built for at least serial console
> mode...
> Have the hardware type/addresses for the serial ports, RTC, and PIC chips, and
> the mappings for the ISA bus stuff...
> Using the HP300 code as a base to work off of, since it seems the closest
> (after all, it is "apollo" in its heritage)...    
> I have been disassembling the code from the SAU7 boot prom (the "new" 3500
> PROM that is posted on one of the web sites - SCSI support for the 3500?).
> Hopefully if I can figure out what it does I may be able to find a way to
> squeeze a patch in there to allow booting off SCSI instead of only from the
> ESDI disk.  Quite time-consuming to do this disassembly though... I'm only
> about a 10th of the way there right now (after over a week).  From poking
> around on my 3010 system (SAU8) it seems the SAU8 prom is pretty much the same
> (offsets are moved around a bit so there are obviously differences, but there
> were large sections of identical code).
> I currently have two DN3010's, two DN4500's, and two DN5500's (but not all
> hooked up yet)...  this hopefully will give at least one of each "SAU" type to
> test on.  Plus I have a bunch of extra parts to keep them going...  I think I
> need to find a few "new" keyboards though...  6 machines and I think I only
> have 3 keyboards.
> Does anyone out there know anything about the "DMMU" on the DN3000???
> All the other models I'm trying for at least have standard Motorola MMU's, but
> the 3000 doesn't.  I notice that some of the HP/Apollo 300/400 series machines
> have
> an "HP MMU" - perhaps this is a carryover from Apollo and the DMMU is similar?
> Anyone know anything more?  I have doc's on the 3c505 board for ethernet, but
> none on the ATR (Apollo Token Ring) board... could use some info on the ATR if
> anyone has it.
> Anyways, hopefully these old clunker's of mine (and maybe yours?) will wind up
> with a "modern" OS someday soon... 
> Hey, it was either this or they'd see the dumpster... and I hate to throw out
> anything that works....   :-)
> Pete Hufnagel