Subject: Need help regarding cross compiler x386 --> arm32
To: <>
From: Eshanye <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 10/14/1998 17:15:57

Very recently I put my hands into NETBSD, so need some quick help !

1)  I want a cross compiler for  x386 -->arm32. Can anybody tell me what

are the steps I should follow to build a cross compiler ?.

2) Since all my drivers developed are going to be built on X386 (host
machine) since the product with arm32 (target machine) is not ready
presently. So where can I get a cross assembler and cross linker for
x386--->arm32. Should I build them too, if so what are the steps.

3) what are the development tools NetBsd Has ? I mean, if I am planning
to develop a device driver, then are the library files availble in
netbsd itself or should I get, a separate, some kind of DDK for NetBsd?

4) what are the debuggers available in NetBsd ?

Reply me as soon as possible.

Thanx in advance

My E-mail address is :