Subject: Multiflow Trace 14/300 Minisuper forsal--cheap! (fwd)
To: None <netbsd-ports@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 04/23/1998 12:36:03
OK, here's a fun project for somebody :-)

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Subject: Multiflow Trace 14/300 Minisuper forsal--cheap!
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 18:42:37 -0600
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Multiflow Trace 14/300 Minisuper forsale--cheap.

Originally purchased for 3/4 of a million in 1990, the model last
sold in 1994 in the tens of thousands and, purchased by me at an
auction a couple of years ago for $4k. Today it sits in the dark
corner of an artist loft in San Diego--unused and abused. Put out
your mit and save this baby from the indignity of the scrapyard.

The original
VLIW machine--the architecture currently being developed for future
intel chips, the machine is currently still in production use in
a few shops and one sits in the Boston computer museum.

For those with the floorspace, this limited edition collectors
item will make you the envy of your neighborhood and an owner of
a chunk of computer history. For those of you that actually might
like to use the beast, it has, I think 512MB of memory, 6 SMD drives,
BSD, and easily consumes under 2kw of 3 phase power. For the
skeptics here are two of the most beautiful and solid 19inch racks
ever constructed.

The market has misjudged this youngster, only you can save her from
disgrace. Minimum bid --one shipping crate. Leaving country, must sell
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