Subject: Re: Cross compiling.
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 11/03/1997 21:42:34 is liable to be a better place to ask this...

	I know a lot of people do use gcc & gas to cross compile from
	other architectures to m68k. Unfortunatly I'm not one of them,
	but hopefully someone on else on port-m68k can help...?


  ... and so am I, maybe its the other way round, I can't seem to decide ...

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, ROGER STRANDBERG wrote:

> Hello. I'm a 24 year old programmer that have started a project with a
> freind that consist of
> One m68k cpu (or PowerPC 601 in the future)
> 2Mbyte of EEPROM
> 4Mbyte of RAM
> 2 Serialports
> The first step is too make a EPROM simulator, that can be prog. from a
> parallell port:    
> Michael makes the hardware and i the software.
> The second step is to have some program to load into the EPROM simulator.
> On this second step, NETBSD comes in handy.  (as i belive)
> If I take alook into the future, I see that our small MicroSyster have a
> SCSI kontroller on it -> AND IS RUNNING NETBSD throu a SERIAL PORT.
> a breif of the problem :
> Main System:
> i386 Netbsd 1.2.1 200Mhz MMX Pentium HX card.
> Target System:
> a m68k.
> The fist question:
> How do I get GAS to cross compile for m68k?
> Can GAS produce BINHEX (like  -> C00010:1B2F.......)  to be used with EPROM
> burner / simulator ?
> ( if gas not can produce BINHEX, I already have some codes for compiling
> m68k to BINHEX but I like too use GAS.)
> When the firts question is solved and I have produce the basic code for the
> eprom, I what to go over to C.
> why? you may ask. well I'm going to make this microsyster to do two things:
> 1. Telecom communications throu GSM(SMS), Mobitex, Own Radio network (have
> done this with a 8bit processor, but there i had a compiler for ms-dos).
> 2. Industri communications. they demands a software CPU = that the m68k
> shall emulate hardware adress and a CPU.
>     Why? well for safety resons.
> I have work as an TECHNICAL ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMER. for 8-bit and 16-bit
> MPUs/CPUs and made some jobs in C.
> But I don't have the "know how" to "poke around" with making a cross
> compiler and making/coding a Operating System
> as NetBSD.
> I have read some HOWTO but fail... (Maybe after the 10's).
> I have Netbsd running on the i386 and I also have the source code.
> Vi syns!!!!  (swedish)
> see you!!!   (english, but see=syns and Vi=You so it becomes like this :
> you see!!! if we put the word in right place. ;-)   )
> Vi syns!!!! Roger Strandberg Sweden.