Subject: Re: Omron Luna/88k?
To: Jason Brazile <>
From: Ted Spradley <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 05/16/1997 21:56:23
> > Has anyone tried porting NetBSD to the Omron Luna/88k?  
> For a while I was playing with a port to a Data General Aviion 310
> that was loaned to me.  I got a NetBSD/i386 -> 88k gcc cross compiler
> to work at least well enough to run some standalone programs using
> prom routines.  I also managed to compile and link a diskless netbsd
> kernel with everything stubbed out. But then I moved a year or so
> ago and had to give the machine back.

I have a Data General Aviion 4000 miniserver gathering dust in my garage that I would be happy to contribute to the cause (You pay shipping from Dallas, Texas, USA).  I even have a *big* box full of documentation to go with it, even register addresses and bit definitions.

Jason, I see your mail address is UNT.  If you want to come get it, I'm just down the freeway, at Stemmons & LBJ.

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