Subject: Re: NetBSD DOSEMU -- questions from a prospective NetBSD user
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 06/21/1996 06:03:15
> implementation).  As far as I know, nobody has integrated a user-land
> PPP implementation like the alternate one in FreeBSD (forgive me if I
> don't quite understand the difference between the FreeBSD user versus
> kernel implementations of PPP -- I've never run the user-land
> version).

I don't want to start a thread in the NetBSD mailing lists, but just
to answer a couple of these: The big difference you get with usermode
ppp is that it can hang around as a daemon on the tun (tunnel) device
waiting for someone to send it work to do in the form of outbound
packets.  When this happens, it wakes up and establishes the ppp
connection by dialing a modem, or whatever, The packets go through
and, after a configurable number of seconds of inactivity, the daemon
drops the line again.  In other words, dial-on-demand ppp.  This ppp
also supports a dialer mode where you can interact with the modem
directly during the dialing and login phase, then once ppp detects an
incoming ppp frame it swiches out of dialer mode and goes to work.
VERY handy for letting someone establish a ppp connection from the
installation utility (to install the system! :-), which is why I use
it there.

> But there isn't a big CD-ROM company behind NetBSD like there is with
> FreeBSD.  Walnut Creek does make a NetBSD disc, though, if I'm not
> mistaken, as does InfoMagic.

Actually no, they don't.  WC approached the NetBSD project a couple of
years ago about it, but at the time cgd was working on his own CD
(with some others?) and indicated that a competing NetBSD CDROM would
*not* be appreciated.  WC has thus never done a NetBSD CDROM and
Infomagic's product sort of made that point moot when they finally
released it.